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Hi babes! Happy Monday, let’s kill it and have a great week! If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know that I started off with fashion only but I want to connect on a deeper level so I’ve been branching out into different topics. Today’s post is all about balance and staying inspired.

How do you stay inspired with social media?

I will answer this a couple of different ways but I want to start off by saying that social media shouldn’t give you any type of pressure or feel like work.

How I stay inspired

  1. Follow accounts that make you feel good: This is huge because you want to follow accounts that inspire you to do better. I love accounts that make me want to share the best content, recreate outfits, go to those cute coffee shops etc. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve unfollowed accounts because they don’t do anything for me so it becomes pointless to continue following them. Make sure you have good energy when it comes to the things you post and getting good vibes from what other people post.
  2. Post what YOU want: This one is straightforward and I truly mean this because your social media should be about things that bring you joy so whatever inspires you then post that. It’s easy to look at other accounts and want to post exactly what they’re sharing but instead let it inspire you and turn it into your own so it can still represent you!
  3. Pinterest: I’m leaving this one for last but it’s probably my favorite and most addicting one because who doesn’t love pinterest? They have so many ideas and can spark inspiration on so many different levels. I’ve created so many boards for fashion looks I want to recreate, for my baby shower and to plan Delilah’s first birthday party, etc. It’s a great tool to refer back to that can bring you positivity.

Remember that whenever you feel discouraged, know that it’s a phase and it will pass. Do things that inspire you and never compare yourself to someone else’s journey. Have the confidence to know that you’re a bad ass b*tch and you got this!! Social media is supposed to be light and fun so don’t take it seriously. I enjoy sharing my outfits on Instagram daily, I post what I want because it’s my page and I hope you can feel the same when it comes to you even if it’s not related to fashion. Let’s keep the good vibes and end this year strong!

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