getting out of your comfort zone!

Hi babes, are you a blogger/influencer who wants to get out there and mingle?! No, I don’t mean to date…LOL I mean when it comes to meeting other blogger babes or collaborating in general, going to events etc. My answer to that is JUST DO IT!

I remember in the beginning when I did my first couple of collaborations (going out to shoot with photographers and brands) I would get so nervous that sometimes I was so close to backing out and just saying I couldn’t make it!

It’s so easy to say no and turn down an opportunity but there are greater things that come with saying yes and following through. By saying yes to opportunities, you learn so much about yourself, what you like/dislike and the most important in my opinion is creating new relationships with people who have the same passion and ambition as yourself!

A couple of months ago, I put together a blogger brunch with six other girls and it all started with the idea of wanting to meet new babes and feel inspired again. I sat there looking through girls on Instagram that I was already showing love to and getting it in return so I reached out by DM and asked if they wanted to have brunch and we all clicked right away! That’s the beauty when stepping out of your comfort zone, you must be willing to put forward that confidence because if you don’t then no one will have it or show it for you.

Fast forward to now, we all keep in touch and we are in the process of hosting our second #labloggersocial event which is all about meeting new faces and empowering each other.

From our initial brunch, I began shooting with my friend Mayra who is the blogger behind

We shoot content about every weekend since we met and it’s so cool to hit it off with someone who just gets you and is so helpful and genuine, so the purpose to all of this is to get out of your comfort zone! You want to be able to grow and meet new people out there, if it doesn’t work out that’s perfectly fine but it’s all a process in learning new things about yourself.

Mayra and I decided to wear a similar duster to show how it can be styled two ways and as a transition into spring.

My outfit details:

Duster via Romwe / Dress via Femmelux / Boots: Target

Outfit details:

Duster: Forever 21 / Skirt: Shein / Chunky crop: Femmelux / Boots: Target

It’s all about empowering each other as women, supporting each other because we’re all boss babes!

Pink T-Shirt Dress+ Go Jane Booties

I have been wearing tons of pink lately and I’m loving my new T-Shirt dress via   //

I have added both their Instagram account and the link to their website so you can check them out!

T-Shirt dresses are my favorite because of course I live for comfort but it’s perfect to dress up or down so it’ll definitely come in handy to wear more often.

I wanted the first time to have more of a dressed up vibe and also went for a monochromatic look with a pop of color.

The material of this dress is stretchy and comfortable which is something I look for in every item that I wear.

I added my favorite duster coat via

which I got a couple of months ago and of course I had to share it again for a Valentine’s Day inspired look.

This Draped Belted Duster Coat  comes in the perfect blush tone and it’s marked down to $18 right now!!!!

Click the link above to shop the exact item.

Now, if you follow me on Instagram and have checked out all of my other blog posts, you know the obsession I have for shoes!

I got the perfect pair of denim booties via

and I have also linked the exact pair because they are AMAZING and they definitely turn heads anywhere you go!

I love the light blue shade and they are comfortable and the perfect accessory to any outfit!

Now, as I was going for a monochromatic look I had to wear this light pink choker that was given to me via through Instagram and I have shared some of her other chokers in previous blog posts as well.

We have partnered up for a giveaway so that YOU can win a choker as well.

Chokers are the perfect accessory and very much in trend as well. I will share the details later on my Instagram so make sure that you head over and follow for more.

Hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day inspired outfit and stay tuned because I have plenty more to come!


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Outfit Details:

Dress: via

Duster Coat: via

Shoes: via

A’GACI Pink Jumpsuit

I have a deep love for anything that comes off the shoulder and jumpsuits are my favorite because all you have to do is pick out some accessories, shoes and you’re ready to go!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so it’s all about pinks, reds and of course floral prints.

Today I am sharing my new Double Ruffle Suede Jumpsuit

via and I must say it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen!

This jumpsuit is so comfortable, it hugs my body in all of the right places, and I love that it has so many great details from the material, off the shoulder detailing, to the bell bottoms!

This jumpsuit is also available in a taupe color and trust me when I say that you need this in your life!

It’s fun and flirty and definitely something different from the ordinary.

This will be the perfect look for a cute Valentine’s Day lunch or even a casual date night.

Click the links above and start shopping girls!


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Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: Via

A’GACI Valentine’s Day Look

I love this time of year because I get so much inspiration for Valentine’s Day outfits and today I will be sharing the perfect outfit you can wear featuring

Click the link above to check out tons of cute items you can get for yourself just in time before the special day arrives.

Valentine’s Day is all about wearing either pink, red, floral prints and all of the girly stuff you can think of so when I saw this Romance Floral Flounce Romper

I completely fell in love with everything from the print, mesh details, to the mock neck because it’s chic and sexy at the same time.

I have linked the exact item so make sure to click above and it will redirect you to the exact item.

This cute romper comes with ruffles and gives off a soft and elegant look as well.

The material is stretchy and comfortable to my body so it is definitely perfect for date night or even for a night out with the girls.

I wanted a simple and chic look to keep the attention on the romper so I did light makeup with a pink lip and a low ponytail to show off the back details.

To finish off the look I wore my blush heels to make the floral print pop more and my look was complete!


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Outfit Details:

Romper: via A’GACI | Shoes: Lola Shoetique