baby shower 2019

Hi babes, I’m FINALLY getting around to sharing my baby shower photos, I am a month late but here I am. I want to say thank you to my family and Bryant’s family as well for being a huge help to us and for the beautiful day we all spent together!

It was a crazy time as Bryant and I were moving into our new place all while planning our baby shower but I couldn’t have pictured it any other way. Spring in LA can be tricky because that’s when we randomly get cooler weather, it rains here and there or it’s windy. I was so worried because it was consistently raining every weekend before my baby shower and I didn’t have a second plan to follow so I was super lucky because that day the weather was warm and sunny!!

I wanted the decorations to be simple again just like my gender reveal and of course all DIY projects that my family and Bryant’s were able to help with. I was going to wait and share my baby girls name until after she was born but it’s so special to my heart so I went ahead and shared it at my baby shower.

The food was, both families cooked amazing dishes and we had food for days! My parents are from El Salvador and Nicaragua and both of Bryant’s parents are from Nicaragua so you can only imagine how good everything was! I originally wanted to go all out for my baby shower because that’s just the extra attitude in me but quickly changed my mind to have something more intimate as both families are huge plus it was all I really needed to have this special time. (I had a separate baby shower with friends, so still got to be extra! LOL)

Cake by:

I am so grateful for all of the gifts we received and we pretty much got everything that was on our registry. It’s so crazy and surreal to think how fast my pregnancy has gone by because it feels like it was yesterday when I found out I was pregnant and here I am now, a couple of weeks away from giving birth to my baby girl! She moves like crazy and it’s definitely going to be a bittersweet moment when I no longer have her in my belly but I’m also so excited and can’t wait to have her in my arms!

This journey is different for every mom but I have to give thanks for blessed I’ve been throughout this experience because it’s been easy to say the least, I’ve been able to workout throughout my whole pregnancy so all of this has been such an empowering moment.

I’ve also met sooooo many moms on Instagram who are currently pregnant or already have kids and it’s been awesome that we’ve been able to make these connections and give each other advice. I’m proud to be part of the mommy tribe so thank you to everyone who has been so helpful and genuinely care!

Delilah will be here very soon and I can’t wait to be the best mom I can be for her! I will continue to share this new journey even after she’s born. Stay tuned!

Gender Reveal Recap


I am over the moon with the amount of love I have been receiving from everyone throughout my pregnancy and it feels so good to finally know what I’m having.

I’ll be honest, when I first found out I was pregnant I thought I was having a boy because that’s all I could picture in my head. As weeks went by I started having a ton of dreams with having a little girl and from there I had a gut feeling it would be, and I was right!!

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and as you all know, I announced my pregnancy on social media on the first of 2019 so I wanted to wait a little before I started planning all of the fun stuff.

When it comes to style, I envisioned my gender reveal to be very intimate, minimal and chic. I was looking on pinterest for months to get inspired and I decided to go with a garden theme to incorporate plants and flowers, and to start getting in the mood for spring.

I got tons of help from close friends and family to help bring my vision to life and I love that mostly everything consisted of DIY projects that were so easy to put together.

So let’s start off with the decorations, I was lucky enough that my boyfriend’s family had the perfect wooden design to create the flower wall I wanted. As you can see in the picture below, it was easy to buy flowers and just pin them all over and voila! The flowers that you see on the sides going straight down are from the Dollar Tree!!! Yassssss, they were each just $1! The white flowers you see hanging on the next row going in towards the middle are from Hobby Lobby and those were $2 each. The crown in the middle was another DIY that my boyfriend’s family had which was spray painted with gold and the plants and smaller flowers were added onto the crown for the final touch. So beautiful and creative, all ideas from Pinterest. The two bigger flowers next to the crown were handmade by my cousin and look even better in person! I bought the plants to put on top from Michael’s which were on sale for about $3 each and the final touch to my flower wall was the baby sign I found at Target for $5!! I was so happy with the outcome because I’ve always been one to preach about what’s affordable so this was right up my alley!


I wanted everything at my gender reveal to be simple including the food so I decided to go with sandwich platters from Costco along with fruit platters aka all finger foods which turned out to be so convenient.


All of the desserts were soooo yummy! My best friend got me donuts, I had another friend bake me cupcakes which were AMAZING and I also got pastries from Porto’s bakery, if you’re in the LA area then you know how good everything is there!

Our Reveal

My boyfriend ended up making this board all by himself from scratch which I thought was super cool and it was something he really wanted to do as I was getting everything else ready. As you can see there are 16 balloons so we had to pop each one until it was either pink or blue. He was going for boy and of course I was team girl but it was so fun to experience with our friends and family watching!

Floral Center Pieces

The center pieces were so beautiful and delicate, everything truly turned out the way I wanted it to and I can’t wait for my baby shower to come and continue sharing this whole process with all of you!

Baby girl is moving like crazy and my bump is growing more each week, it’s such a beautiful experience and I truly feel love and blessed!

Outfit Details

Dress: Forever 21 // Duster: via Romwe

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