pregnancy journey and feeling positive

Hiiiii babes! I can’t believe I am now 34 weeks, my pregnancy journey flew by but it has been a great experience and definitely something to remember.

I love sharing my journey whether it’s good or bad and always bring it back to being positive through it all. I have to mention that my pregnancy has been easy compared to other stories I’ve heard so I’m very grateful for that.

I worked out for most of my pregnancy and now that I’m in my third trimester it has been a little more difficult to move around, my feet are beginning to get swollen and I haven’t been to the gym in about three weeks. It’s been a little difficult for me to accept that being that I would hit the gym 4-5 times a week but I’ve been listening to my body and trying to rest as much as possible. I’m only weeks away from giving birth to my baby girl and OMG let me tell you, I am excited and nervous at the same time!

I am definitely a planner and I like to have to things in order and ready to go or else I feel like I’m going crazy! LOL

This journey though, has taught me to go with the flow but most of all to be positive and grateful for everything that I’m going through because I’m getting the best reward at the end of it all!

I’m so happy to say that one thing I have stayed consistent with during my pregnancy has been creating content and styling my bump, it makes me happy to see the changes in my body and it’s something I can look back on and show my baby girl.

One thing I have noticed when I’m out shooting new content are the stares I get from other people and I won’t lie, at first it made me feel self conscious as my bump was growing but I quickly snapped out of it and learned not to care about the stares because my precious baby is growing inside and it’s a true gift to experience. I love embracing my bump and it makes me so happy when people take the time out of their day to give me a compliment in public as I’m shooting content and puts a big smile on my face. Always be kind!

This is a message to everyone, even if you’re not currently pregnant you should ALWAYS embrace your body type no matter what. Don’t be shy to wear that cute dress you have in your closet, those shorts you’ve been dying to wear etc. Do you babe and build that self confidence!!!

I want to take a minute to thank my girl gang for showing so much love throughout my pregnancy, I’m all about real connections and sharing that girl power! My girls threw me a cute little baby shower last week and OMG the weather was amazing!

We had such a fun time at the cutest place with rooftop vibes making me super happy for summer to come! I even got myself my first mocktail and it was YUMMY! The girls made me feel so loved and special, we’re all excited for baby Delilah to come! I linked their IG’s down below, give them a follow because they’re all boss babes. They all have amazing vibes and energies and how crazy is it to connect all because of social media!

IG’s in order from left to right as seen in photo

Wearing this beautiful dress via

They have the cutest maternity clothing, even if you’re not pregnant you can still wear their beautiful dresses, I have a similar white maxi from this brand as well.

Baby Blue Floral Dress

I am definitely all about the blues this summer, it’s such a great pop of color and chic as well. Floral prints have always been my obsession and this dress via  was totally made for me!

Not only does this dress come off the shoulder but I love how delicate it looks and feels as well. The side slit is always a plus in my book to show off some leg and the cool part about this item is that it comes as a romper on the inside!

I went for an all blue look with my favorite mules and I totally felt like the Latina Cinderella hehe but who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?! I love that you can wear this with sandals for a casual look or completely dress it up in heels. I had to wear my hair up because it’s been so hot in LA!!!

Shop this dress by clicking the link above and it’ll redirect you to their Instagram page.

Enjoy the look, xoxo

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Genesis Aguilar

Dress: via ShopWithBold // Shoes: Forever 21

Go Jane Red Maxi Dress

I must say that I fell in love when I got this dress via because it has the perfect pop of color and the material is AMAZING!

This dress fits my body like a glove and I”m loving the cut out details on the waist to add some sex appeal along with the high slit. This dress is perfect for summer and here I decided to dress it up with matching red heels for something a little different and sexy.

This dress can be used for many occasions and the reason I say it’s perfect for summer is because you can throw on some sandals and wear it out to the beach as a cover up. Red is always a favorite color of mine to wear because it instantly changes your entire look.

I believe this dress is also available in black so make sure to check out their site for tons of items you need to add and be ready for summer.

To add a little contrast, I wore my new statement earrings which are also from Go Jane so believe me when I tell you, they have it all.

Enjoy the look, xoxo!

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Genesis Aguilar

Dress & earrings: via Go Jane // Shoes: Lola Shoetique 

Floral Wrap Dress+ Lace Up Sandals

You all know my love for floral prints, so when I received this wrap dress via I completely fell in love with every single detail.

This dress has a great pop of color, it’s perfect for spring and I love the way it flows. My bohemian vibes are in full effect and this dress makes me feel like a bohemian goddess if that even exists! LOL

I wore this dress with my favorite lace up sandals to make the perfect color coordination and kept things nice and casual.

When I picture anything in a bohemian style, I automatically have to add a hat so here’s my full look and I hope you enjoy.

Make sure to follow the link above if you want to purchase this dress. Every girl needs a long beautiful wrap dress in her closet because it’s perfect for any occasion.

I love these types of dresses because they are so easy to work with, you can wear this to a wedding and throw on a pair of heels, out to the beach or for some lunch so the possibilities are endless.

Enjoy this bohemian inspired look and there are plenty more to come! I love how the photos turned out, I will link the photographers Instagram page down below.


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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Hat & Sandals: Forever 21

Dress: via 

Floral Maxi+ Denim Details

Maxi dresses are my favorite this time of year because it flows perfectly in the warm breeze. I’ve had this floral maxi for some time now and it was time to share it on the blog as we are making a transition into our lighter layers.

Shopping at Forever 21 is always my go to spot because it has anything you want or need for a good price! I am sharing the second look I did in collaboration with she is just so awesome and I really recommend her. She is in the LA area like I previously mentioned in my other post with her and I’m so excited because we just shot some more looks the other day and I can’t wait to share some new content.

So being that spring is just around the corner, I wore my denim jacket before it gets extremely hot and I love how this casual outfit turned out. Denim details are always my favorite and I have been obsessed with my new denim cross body via it literally goes with anything and I love the light wash color on it as well.

This time of year is all about boho chic looks so of course I get inspired to put them together and this outfit can definitely fall into that category.

Enjoy the look and please click the link above and follow all of her amazing photography.


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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Hat, Dress, Jacket: Forever 21

Shoes: Fashion Q

Bag: via