White Romper+ Tribal Heels

How perfect is this white romper?! It’s perfect for the summer season which has definitely arrived here in Southern California. This romper screams chic because it looks so delicate and feminine. If you’re looking for an outfit to wear to any special occasion, trust me when I tell you this is it!

I received this romper via https://www.instagram.com/shopkaimari/ 

I love the high neckline along with the pockets and it makes a very well put together outfit. White always stands out and I love that it’s light and fresh.

I paired it with my new heels via http://www.myshoebazar.com

and how cute is the tribal print?! I enjoy wearing new styles and this pair is definitely something that I don’t have in my collection. The great thing about wearing white is that you can have fun with your shoes and wear different colors and prints.

Enjoy the look, xoxo!

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YouTube: https://youtu.be/nxpvAvV-eN4 


Genesis Aguilar

Romper: via ShopKaiMari.com // Shoes: via My Shoe Bazar 



Studded Nude Dress

Happy Sunday everyone, it feels like May just started but it has been a hectic month to say the least. I am finally graduating from Cal State Northridge next weekend and I will be ready for a fun summer ahead.

I am a big fan of dresses and when I received this studded nude dress via https://www.instagram.com/soniaskloset/ I completely fell in love with the style and how it compliments by body. This is the perfect dress for a sexy night out so if you’ve been looking for the right dress, I recommend you to by this one. Click the link above to shop their styles.

I am also wearing my new pair of nude heels via http://www.myshoebazar.com/page/2/?s=black+lace+up+heels I LOVE this style because it screams sexy and chic. Nude is a must have color because it goes with just about everything, the lace up details are my favorite and add the perfect detail to bring everything together.

I shot these photos with https://www.instagram.com/davidmartinjrphoto/ and the pictures turned out amazing!!!! Check out his page to see his work, he’s in the Los Angeles area if anyone wants to book a photo shoot.

Enjoy the look!

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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Dress: via  https://www.instagram.com/soniaskloset/

Shoes: via http://www.myshoebazar.com

Floral Playsuit+ OTK Boots

Spring is in the air and I’m loving the fresh air, something about waking up and the weather being perfect brings me warm feelings inside. Floral prints have always been my top obsession from season to season so I am here to share my new floral playsuit via https://www.instagram.com/shoppepperlilly/ and let me start off by saying that they have the cutest clothes for the festival season coming up.

Make sure to check them out by clicking the link above, it will take you directly to their Instagram page and they also have the link to their website in their bio. I chose to style this playsuit because the print is soft and delicate; my favorite! Not only is this playsuit so pretty but it is also another versatile piece that you can completely change up with different shoe options. You can wear this with sandals, heels or like I did in this post with my new OTK boots.

Remember, when you shop you want to think of options, options and more options so you can wear it out more than once! So this floral playsuit will definitely make it’s way back to the blog so stay tuned to see what other shoes I pair it with. You can even add layers to this if you’re heading to a festival with  fringe vest, or a denim jacket, trust me anything goes with this!

I decided to go for my new OTK boots via http://www.myshoebazar.com/product/over-the-knee-pointed-toe-stiletto-boots/ to make the olive pop from the playsuit and I love how it turned out. Click the link for the exact item of boots and use code “MYSB20R” for 20% off regular priced items. I love these boots because they adjust in the back to the size of your calves which most boots don’t have as they are basically one size in the leg area. These are perfect and so comfortable, I love the pointy front as well.


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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Playsuit: via https://www.instagram.com/shoppepperlilly/

Boots: via https://www.instagram.com/myshoebazar/

3 Year Blogiversary Celebration

I’ve made it to 3 years guys and celebrating more to come. My passion for blogging and sharing my fashion looks and tips with you all has flourished into something more than what I imagined.

I started my blog 3 years ago with a love for fashion and with no idea where it was going to take me. I started sharing my outfits with a simple click from my iPhone camera and as time passed I fell in love even more.

Not only has my blog been my passion but also an escape, a happy place if you will and a place to let my ideas run wild and transform my dreams into reality.

I do not believe there is an actual goal to reach because I do not see myself reaching a certain place and ending it just there. This is more of a journey for me to evolve and continue to share my passion and inspire others to pursue their dreams as well.

I have always remained focused with my blog despite my busy schedule, I make time for it because it’s what I truly love. It’s all about consistency so don’t ever half ass something you claim to “love” instead give it your all and devote the time that it deserves.

People will say they love certain things, or claim it’s their passion but don’t show consistency so don’t let that be you!

I want to take the time to thank all of the stores who have collaborated with me in the past and continue to do so now because that’s a huge part in sharing what I love with you all. Collaborations have helped me so much to take my passion to the next level and it means a lot to know that out of so many bloggers, they choose to work with me so THANK YOU!

I love styling different outfits and I promise to keep my blog going and sharing what I love with you all, it can only go up from here!

I wanted to start the new year off on the right foot so I transitioned my blog to WordPress and even though it’s still in progress I was able to rename it to “loveandstyles” because that’s exactly what I believe my blog is all about.

So here’s to celebrating 3 years and cheers for many more to come!


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Outfit Details:

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: via http://www.myshoebazar.com