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Hi babes! I hope everyone is out and enjoying their summer ’18!!

I get so many questions from friends or people I meet along the way of how I started blogging or what made me want to start…

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My biggest advice for anyone who wants to do the same thing is to just do it!!! Let’s start off with what made me want to start 4+ years ago and the answer to that is that I’ve always loved fashion ever since I could remember at the age of 4 and being in pre-school! LOL

I would always take tons of clothes out and put outfits together of what I wanted to wear to school the next day and model it for my mom. (I still do that to this day, lol) But I’ve always had an eye for styling looks and loving everything I wear.    So one day as I was scrolling through Instagram (way back in the day lol) I saw other bloggers sharing their outfits and I told myself I can see myself doing that too! I began taking photos of my outfits and posting them on Instagram, don’t get me wrong I was nervous about what others would think or say because I had never done anything like that on social media. I told myself to stay consistent with sharing my looks, I began tagging the brands I was wearing and using hashtags like crazy but it worked for me. I was engaging with others who shared similar posts and I noticed my followers were growing slowly but surely. The algorithm changes ALL the time but back then I felt like it was easier to gain followers based on engagement and reposts from brands.

Consistency truly is key if you want blogging to become something. So back to blogging and what it takes to get started and working your way up. I am no where near where I want to be but I definitely see myself evolving and taking those baby steps of where I’m meant to be and it’s such a good feeling. I blog because I love it, I enjoy it and because it makes me happy.

I believe it’s so important to be yourself and authentic to what your style is when you are a blogger/ influencer or even in general as a person. Instagram has become full of aesthetics that are all starting to look very similar and as for myself I know that I want to stand apart from that because I am here to share my  OWN style, to connect with people and most of all I am here to be relatable.

If you have thought about blogging/ being a influencer just go for it because as soon as you start, you begin to know yourself! Brands definitely notice your style, so don’t focus on the numbers because that’s something that will eventually grow especially when you’re authentic and relatable. As you start building your brand and style that represents you, definitely reach out to brands because it never hurts to try!

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Real Life vs. Social Media

Happy Tuesday babes, it’s a new week and I know tons of you are recovering from celebrating Cinco de Mayo! We are back to reality and that means kicking ass during the week so I want to get straight into the topic of real life vs. social media and give you some insight into how things work in my life.

My real life consists of working as a behavioral therapist Monday-Thursday, my schedule is scattered all over the place during the week but I am lucky enough to have found this job after graduating last year from CSUN with my B.A in sociology. I know it is completely different from my passion of being a fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger but that’s where real life kicks in and I’ve learned how to balance them both. I’m busy with my clients during the week so I only have time in between to run errands and make it to the gym. I work my butt off at work and to be honest sometimes I don’t feel like working out and I just want to be lazy at home and stay away from social media and posting but I remind myself that I do my blogging because it’s my passion. Whenever I have blogger events, I take time off work and fit it into my schedule and I somehow I make it all work. On weekends, I take time to create content and spend time with friends and family. As far as the gym goes, if you follow me on Instagram @segagenesis_ then you know I make it to the gym 4-5 times a week, it’s my stress reliever so even when I feel lazy I make it a point to go because it feels rewarding afterwards to know I’m doing something good for my well being. So that’s a little insight to the real things that go on in my life.

Let’s be honest, social media is a platform where everyone shares their “best” moments and I say duh why wouldn’t I share that with everyone? I am one that likes to think positive so why would I sit there and mope around on social media?  That’s not to say I discredit anyone else who likes to keep it raw with their emotions but for my preference I’d rather keep things to myself and work through things with my support system of close friends and family. I love being cheerful and good spirited so yes when it comes to social media I like to share my good emotions with all of you. Life is way too short so I always tell myself to smile and be happy to even be alive as cliché as it may sound. I don’t have time or the energy to let negative emotions get the best of me.

I share this with you all so you can get to know me on another level besides sharing my OOTD’s so I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts.

Here’s a new #ootd I am sharing for spring, I have been trying to step outside of my comfort zone which I feel like I do a pretty good job because my style is so versatile so I am sharing another item from SHEIN with this little plaid number. I love that the straps are adjustable, it’s a wrap dress mixed into a romper so it’s definitely a statement piece.

Link to shop:

Sunnies & Boots via Go Jane


Genesis A.

Baby Blue Floral Dress

I am definitely all about the blues this summer, it’s such a great pop of color and chic as well. Floral prints have always been my obsession and this dress via  was totally made for me!

Not only does this dress come off the shoulder but I love how delicate it looks and feels as well. The side slit is always a plus in my book to show off some leg and the cool part about this item is that it comes as a romper on the inside!

I went for an all blue look with my favorite mules and I totally felt like the Latina Cinderella hehe but who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?! I love that you can wear this with sandals for a casual look or completely dress it up in heels. I had to wear my hair up because it’s been so hot in LA!!!

Shop this dress by clicking the link above and it’ll redirect you to their Instagram page.

Enjoy the look, xoxo

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Genesis Aguilar

Dress: via ShopWithBold // Shoes: Forever 21

White Romper+ Tribal Heels

How perfect is this white romper?! It’s perfect for the summer season which has definitely arrived here in Southern California. This romper screams chic because it looks so delicate and feminine. If you’re looking for an outfit to wear to any special occasion, trust me when I tell you this is it!

I received this romper via 

I love the high neckline along with the pockets and it makes a very well put together outfit. White always stands out and I love that it’s light and fresh.

I paired it with my new heels via

and how cute is the tribal print?! I enjoy wearing new styles and this pair is definitely something that I don’t have in my collection. The great thing about wearing white is that you can have fun with your shoes and wear different colors and prints.

Enjoy the look, xoxo!

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Genesis Aguilar

Romper: via // Shoes: via My Shoe Bazar 



Casual Floral Romper

It’s getting warmer which means lots of sunshine and trying to stay cool! I love a good romper especially when it comes in a floral print. I have a huge collection of rompers that keeps growing , they’re so easy to throw on and you’re ready to head out.

I love this one via  for its beautiful pop of color and the details make it that much better. I love some fun in the sun and this romper was definitely made for that, it has a flirty kick to it and I can’t wait to wear it out more.

Now that summer is approaching, I’m all about it keeping things casual so I went for sandals instead of heels this time around and love how it turned out.

Enjoy the look, xoxo!

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Genesis Aguilar

Romper & Sandals: via Rainbow Shops // Hat: Forever 21

Photography by:

A’GACI Summer Playsuit

I live for weekends and this playsuit via is giving me life! I love the romper style with the long back to flow in the breeze, it’s playful and fresh for those hot summer days ahead! This week has been extremely hot in the Los Angeles area and this playsuit allowed for some movement while still keeping things chic.

I have been all about trying new styles, prints and colors and I’m loving the mixture on this one. It’s all in the details and the choker neckline is definitely in right now, it adds a different element, you can zip it up in the back and of course we can’t forget the pockets! So this playsuit is definitely a winner all around.

I wanted to keep things chic and dressy so I wore my new black heels via they are the perfect statement that says, “watch out, I’m here!” Every girl needs a pair like this, they are timeless and can be worn with anything.

Enjoy the look!

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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Playsuit via A’GACI

Shoes via Go Jane

Pinstripe Blue Romper+ Tan Heels

Blue is definitely in right now and perfect for the spring season, I absolutely fell in love with this romper via it’s beautiful and I love the way it flows.

When I ordered it, I originally thought it was a dress underneath but it’s actually a romper with a long back which is perfect because you don’t have to worry about showing too much but can still feel comfortable and cute.

Every single detail is perfection which adds so much character and brings the right kind of attention. I love the cold shoulders and that it also comes with long sleeves. The material is light and fresh so it can be transitioned into summer. This is definitely a must have, you can wear it out for lunch, the beach, a casual wedding, it’s an all purpose item you can wear.

I love that it has a little bit of everything, it’s sexy yet chic which is always a favorite of mine and can be worn with sandals or like I did here with my new tan heels which are also by Go Jane. These heels are so comfortable to walk around in not to mention how cute they are! There’s no such thing as having too many shoes and these go with just about anything.

Go Jane is definitely one of my top stores that I love shopping with online because they have so many awesome items to choose from that you literally want it all to yourself! They have it all from clothes, shoes, to even accessories so click the link above and check them out!

Enjoy the look, xoxo!

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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Romper & Shoes: via

Taupe Romper+ Clear Booties

Happy Friday! I am slowly transitioning my outfits into the spring season and what better way than to wear a romper? Rompers are my favorite and I’m loving this one via in this taupe color.

Rompers are easy to pair with and this one is so comfortable not to mention how chic it makes me feel. The material is stretchy and easy to move around in. The tie around the waist adds a special detail with the fringe hanging and a little pop of color. The mid sleeves make this romper have more of a dressy feel along with the v-neck button to keep it closed for a more put together look.

I wore a lace detailed choker to go along with the fringe details. I have grown my collection and I’m wearing this one via follow her Instagram account and shop her poshmark account.

To bring the look together, I wore my new clear booties via and can we just take a moment to admire these beauties?! I LOVE them and this pair definitely takes my shoe game to the next level. I love the back zipper details with the subtle hints of blush and with the front pointy toes to make sure I’m heading in the right direction. LOL

Click the link above and shop their shoe selection along with tons of cute clothes to get ready for spring, I will be sharing lots of cute upcoming looks so stay tuned.


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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details: 

Romper: via | Shoes: via | Choker: via | Sunnies: via