what NOT to do for Valentine’s Day!

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day, and the big question is…what will you be doing on that special day?

There are tons of ideas out there on where to go eat, gifting guides etc. but I will be sharing some past experiences as well as what you should NOT do only because I want to keep things realistic and easier for all of my couples out there!

Past experiences:

You all know how extra AF I am so in the past this included Valentine’s Day as well. I would put tons of pressure on Bryant year after year on what we would be doing because I wanted to get nice and dolled up but it was never realistic guys!!! Bryant and I would try going on fancy dinners and EVERY single place was always packed and most restaurants don’t even take reservations! I always remember one year specifically where we went to a Peruvian restaurant (which is my FAVORITE food everrrr) I was starving and ready to order my favorite dish but as we got there the wait was over an hour long so we ended up having dinner around 10-10:30 pm!! Like WTF! That’s just so insane to me and I remember being so grumpy, my stomach was growling, thank god Bryant is the opposite of me because he knows how to just laugh things off and go with the flow!

After that year I learned my lesson, I told Bryant he was right and that we should do more low-key things instead of trying to go the fancy route. The following year, I remember we had a sushi date to our favorite restaurant which is a hole in the wall but the longest we had to wait was about 20-30 mins which is a normal wait time like any other day and a better alternative to any fancy restaurant that will be a hassle to get into.

Since then, we have been getting better with our options and I no longer put all of the pressure on Bryant to plan something extravagant, I can just be extra myself any other day! LOL

This year: I am keeping things super low-key with Bryant, baby girl is on the way and being that I am currently 27 weeks, I get tired easily so we are doing something during the day instead (so happy we both got the day off) probably start off with the gym, grab lunch and be out and about for a little, order take out for dinner and watch a movie which is perfect for me! Oh and the best part is that we are getting pedicures together so I’m excited for that!


  • don’t stress about big plans
  • don’t go to big restaurants or wait for dinner (it’s the busiest time)
  • don’t fall for the hype on this day just because you see others doing something (no fomo)


  • find alternatives to do something special at home
  • something to do during the day
  • make it special in your own way

I hope you all have a good Valentine’s Day! If you don’t have a boyfriend, grab your girlfriends and get together for drinks, a movie or anything else that comes up!