Mix and Match+ Repeating Outfits

Hi babes, now more than ever I have become the queen of outfit repeating and I love to mix and match as well. Continue reading down below on how to get started…

I definitely like to ball on a budget and be smart with things I purchase. Versatile pieces are a must because they can transform any look which is exactly what you need to mix and match. As much as I love fun prints, I try to stay away from them because it limits how many times I can actually change up the look so basic pieces are your best friend. Being that it’s summer time, I LOVE buying basic crop tops, cami’s along with basic t-shirts because they go with denim shorts, skirts, EVERYTHING!

In today’s #ootd I am wearing this casual monochromatic look, I bought these denim shorts that I’ve worn sooooo many times whether it’s with sneakers, sandals and here I decided to pair it with my new pearl crop top and small heeled block sandals to make it chic and casual. I love this top from SHEIN because the color stands out, it comes with a cute tie in the back detail and how cute are the pearls?! This is the perfect example of a versatile piece because you can dress it up or down. Envision the endless possibilities when you are able to mix and match an item. I can wear this top with denim jeans the next time around, with trousers for a dressy look or even a skirt and I can also transition this top into the fall season. Be smart with the way you spend your money, I am linking this top down below because it’s on sale for only $7!!!!

Link to shop this top: 





Look Good On A Budget

Happy Wednesday babes, who loves a bright color that makes a statement?! This girl right here!! I have been obsessed with bold and bright colors for summer to go along with my tan, it’s the perfect combo.

SHEIN has the perfect items to upgrade your wardrobe for summer and I want to the share this super cute top I recently got, crop tops are my favorite all year long but for summer they are a must.

Link top shop item for $5 :


I am the queen of the sales and have no shame in my game babes and you shouldn’t either. For example the top I’m sharing is only $5!!!! Not only is it cheap in price but I love that it looks very chic and something you can dress up or down. Over the years I have learned to shop smart and get items that always stand out but most of all a steal for my pocket if you know what I mean.

For those who know me, whenever I get compliments about my clothes or shoes you will always hear me say, “OMG, it was so cheap I got it on sale!” I stay true to that when buying items that are normally under $25 and anything I have purchased that goes over $25 I can count on one hand.

You can look cute on a budget while making sure you choose versatile pieces to recreate outfits which has been my favorite thing to do lately! Crop tops are my favorite because they accentuate the waist and this one definitely stands out because it’s a one shoulder top with scallop details that make it unique.  The material is thin and stretchy so it’s perfect for summer. I am a firm believer in wearing whatever you want and it’s all about being confident to make anything work!

Enjoy the look and shop this top 🙂

Skirt: Go Jane // Sandals: A’gaci // Sunnies: @vye.eyewear




Be In the Moment

Happy Wednesday babes, I feel like I’m still recovering from Memorial Day Weekend and the fact that I feel SUPER sore from my yesterday’s workout but I’m off today so I have time to relax, write this blog post and I’m also heading to a blogger event this evening.

My birthday is next week and with that being said I want to talk about being present in the moment which is something I definitely want to practice especially this weekend when I’m out celebrating with friends and loved ones. We are all consumed by social media and constantly being on our phones and I find myself constantly being on social media, texting, talking on the phone, reading emails etc. I’m always on the go and always multitasking but I randomly thought to myself, when was the last time I put my phone away and enjoyed myself?! I love creating content so don’t get me wrong but I’m always thinking ahead, taking pictures to post or thinking about the next picture I’m going to post when it really shouldn’t be that serious. So I bring this up because as I previously mentioned, I do want to practice being in the moment and it is definitely possible to accomplish. I have already started, so the next time you’re watching TV pay attention to what you’re watching. If you’re out with friends or spending time with family, enjoy their company and engage in real life conversations. There are so many ways to put this into practice so I challenge you to do this as well.

For Memorial Day I went to Hermosa Beach, I got to spend some time laying in the sand so the tanning has begun! (Let’s get toasty) I got to walk around and had some good food by the pier. If you’re ever in the area I definitely recommend Hermosa Beach because you can bar hop during the day and night as well. They had food trucks everywhere with music playing, it was a good vibe all around. I am wearing this new top via SHEIN which you know I am always bragging about because of their awesome prices. Now that it’s warming up, it’s perfect to tuck into any bottoms to accentuate your waist and I love the criss cross details on the front for sex appeal and you can dress it up or down. I will link it down below to shop.

P.s. It’s only $7!!!!

Link to shop:


I wore it casual this time around so I will definitely style it again this summer multiple ways. I am becoming the queen of styling things more than once and I have no shame in my game.


Genesis A.

Real Life vs. Social Media

Happy Tuesday babes, it’s a new week and I know tons of you are recovering from celebrating Cinco de Mayo! We are back to reality and that means kicking ass during the week so I want to get straight into the topic of real life vs. social media and give you some insight into how things work in my life.

My real life consists of working as a behavioral therapist Monday-Thursday, my schedule is scattered all over the place during the week but I am lucky enough to have found this job after graduating last year from CSUN with my B.A in sociology. I know it is completely different from my passion of being a fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger but that’s where real life kicks in and I’ve learned how to balance them both. I’m busy with my clients during the week so I only have time in between to run errands and make it to the gym. I work my butt off at work and to be honest sometimes I don’t feel like working out and I just want to be lazy at home and stay away from social media and posting but I remind myself that I do my blogging because it’s my passion. Whenever I have blogger events, I take time off work and fit it into my schedule and I somehow I make it all work. On weekends, I take time to create content and spend time with friends and family. As far as the gym goes, if you follow me on Instagram @segagenesis_ then you know I make it to the gym 4-5 times a week, it’s my stress reliever so even when I feel lazy I make it a point to go because it feels rewarding afterwards to know I’m doing something good for my well being. So that’s a little insight to the real things that go on in my life.

Let’s be honest, social media is a platform where everyone shares their “best” moments and I say duh why wouldn’t I share that with everyone? I am one that likes to think positive so why would I sit there and mope around on social media?  That’s not to say I discredit anyone else who likes to keep it raw with their emotions but for my preference I’d rather keep things to myself and work through things with my support system of close friends and family. I love being cheerful and good spirited so yes when it comes to social media I like to share my good emotions with all of you. Life is way too short so I always tell myself to smile and be happy to even be alive as cliché as it may sound. I don’t have time or the energy to let negative emotions get the best of me.

I share this with you all so you can get to know me on another level besides sharing my OOTD’s so I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts.

Here’s a new #ootd I am sharing for spring, I have been trying to step outside of my comfort zone which I feel like I do a pretty good job because my style is so versatile so I am sharing another item from SHEIN with this little plaid number. I love that the straps are adjustable, it’s a wrap dress mixed into a romper so it’s definitely a statement piece.

Link to shop:


Sunnies & Boots via Go Jane


Genesis A.

Black OTS Dress+ Go Jane

Coachella might be over but the festival season is still fresh in my heart! I am still all about boho and I love this new dress via https://www.instagram.com/noaelle/ which is giving me tons of gypsy vibes!

I love a good dark and edgy look and with this dress flowing in the breeze, it feels  just right. Being that this dress is a bit over sized, I decided to wear my black buckle belt for the perfect pop of accessory and it cinches the waist just how I like it.

Anything that comes off the shoulder is my new obsession and it is here to stay. Everyone needs little black dress and this one is a must in my book.

I threw on all black details and of course I always need a good pop of color to contrast my outfit a bit so I wore my favorite suede booties.

Enjoy the look, xoxo!

Photography by: https://www.instagram.com/photobylesnolie/ 

Give her a follow, I love creating magic with her every time! If you’re in the LA area, check her out!

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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Dress: via Noaelle

Hat & Belt: Forever 21

Booties: via http://www.gojane.com

romwe floral two piece set

Two piece sets have become my new obsession, they are easy to throw on and you can choose to dress them up or down which is perfect for any occasion.

I love my new set via www.romwe.com and the best part, it comes in a floral print which is perfect for spring. Anything that comes in florals has my name written all over it.

This two piece set is light and fresh which is also perfect to transition into summer for those hot and sunny days. I love that this comes with pops of colors making it easy to match with anything.

I will link several sets down below sharing different styles and prints. They are all under $20 so make sure to shop and take your outfits to the next level.

Link to outfit 1: Bardot Bow Tie Wide Striped Crop Top With Shorts $18.99

Link to outfit 2: Aztec Print Fringe Hem Tank Top With Shorts $14.99

Link to outfit 3: Flower Applique Tie Back Cami Top With Shorts $19.99

Which one is your favorite?

Enjoy my look sharing my love for floral prints! xoxo

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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Two Piece Set: via Romwe

Shoes: http://www.rainbowshops.com

Denim on Denim+ Go Jane

Who loves denim on denim?! Every year I pull out a couple of different pieces and never seem to get tired of this trend and it works for every season.

I love shopping and looking for different items I can add to my closet when it comes to Go Jane because they have it ALL!!!

I love and enjoy collaborating with GoJane, they are so sweet and I always get tons of compliments whenever I wear something from their store. When I saw this denim top online I knew it had to be mine and the bell sleeves were the winning touch that convinced me to get it right away!

This top is so cool and different because I love that it gives it touch of chic but it comes in a crop top style which is my obsession. I threw on a distressed pair of high waist denim shorts to make it casual.

I am always in need of a pop of color so I wore my pink heels which are also from Go Jane and my look was complete.

Link to shop their website: http://www.gojane.com

This look is a little throwback and was my first photoshoot with https://www.instagram.com/photobylesnolie/ I LOVE shooting with her and the eye that she has to capture awesome moments! Check her out and follow her on Instagram.

Enjoy the look, xoxo!

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Link to YouTube: https://youtu.be/7CVF_0LaWkc


Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Top & Shoes: via Go Jane

Blue Striped Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit

The weekend is here and the weather is perfect, what better way than to enjoy some sun and be a little carefree right?! I’m loving my new striped off the shoulder jumpsuit via SheIn and OMG let me just say I absolutely fell in love with it.

I have been all about trying new trends and styles to step out of my comfort zone and this little number did the trick. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is all that matters. Whether you are wearing something casual and simple or elegant and ready to party, loving your body is the most important thing.

I was inspired by https://www.dia.com/ as they are all for body positivity and promoting confidence. I love this idea and I really live by it, so I challenge you to wear any style you want even if it’s something you could never see yourself wearing.

I have been doing the same for myself recently when collaborating with stores, I like to pick different pieces that I normally don’t own and something that will stand out from the ordinary.

So now, back to my cute off the shoulder jumpsuit by SheIn, I will leave the link below to shop.

Link for jumpsuit: http://bit.ly/2oAQjJ0

It’s $25 and in stock so hurry and check it out!

I love the statement sleeves which are really in right now, not to mention the pop of blue which is perfect for spring. I have tons of blue coming to the blog soon and I am all about it! I love that this jumpsuit has a straight leg, pockets, and a tie around the waist for some extra detail. Wear it out casually with sandals or dress it up with cute some cute block heels like I did via http://www.rainbowshops.com and you’re ready to go!

Enjoy the look, xoxo!

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Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: via SheIn.com

Shoes: via http://www.rainbowshops.com 

Pink Ruffle Top+ Denim Shorts

Pink and ruffles together?! This top couldn’t get any cuter and I completely fell in love when I saw it online at SheIn. This top is chic and just the right pop of color that I need for spring.

This top is currently out of stock but I will leave the link down below so you can check back when it restocks.

Link for the top: http://bit.ly/2mRBBRB 

Versatility is number one in my book, there’s nothing better than having one item that can be worn for multiple occasions. For today’s post I decided to go causal with my go-to denim shorts and a pair of pink heels to keep my look fresh.

This can be the perfect item to have as work attire by dressing it up completely with a cute pair of trousers and heels. You can wear it at both ends of the spectrum and you’ll have yourself the perfect look.

I definitely tend to go for casual looks so I tucked it into my shorts and I’m glad with how it turned out.

Ruffles are so fun to work with and I’m obsessed with the long tie in the front, the high neck and the short sleeves are perfect for that breeze. Enjoy the look! xoxo

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Link to my festival style look book: https://youtu.be/qdwlvA8rINY


Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Top: via SheIn

Shoes: via http://www.gojane.com

Shorts: Forever 21

Free People Overalls+ Off the Shoulder Top

I am so excited to share this post with you all, the boho vibes are coming in strong and what better way than to share some new items that I am totally obsessing over!

I recently did a special project with Alegria Magazine which is a bilingual magazine and I will leave a link down below so please check them out and follow. They have worked with tons of awesome Latino celebrities so of course I felt lucky to be a part of this experience. https://www.instagram.com/alegriamagazine/ 


We did a special collaboration with Macy’s Manhattan Beach to do a little behind the scenes of some items I would pick out for the festival season. Coachella is right around the corner and Macy’s has just what you need to rock the perfect look! I got tons of goodies so I will be sharing the items I chose to rock this season. Please watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Link to watch:


I worked with some very amazing people and I will also link their profiles so you can check them out.

I will also leave the direct link to browse through all things bohemian on the Macy’s website.


Styled by: https://www.instagram.com/lacatrinastyle/ 

Filmed by: https://www.instagram.com/davidmartinjrphoto/

Senior Manager, Media Relations- Southwest Macy’s: https://www.instagram.com/mcoronel/ 

Now on to my favorite part of all, I will be showing the items I picked out myself and the first being this awesome pair of overalls by Free People along with my new boots by BCBGeneration. I went all out for my boho vibes and love how this look turned out. I have more looks on the way but for now enjoy my first festival look. I tucked in my new off the shoulder top via http://www.rainbowshops.com which brought the whole look together and of course I had to throw on my favorite wide brim hat.


Thank you for stopping by and reading, comment down below and let me know what you think. Stay tuned for more posts to inspire the fashionista in you. Follow me on Instagram for daily posts. https://www.instagram.com/segagenesis_/ 


Genesis Aguilar

Outfit Details:

Overalls: via Macy’s (Free People)

Boots: via Macy’s (BCBG)

Top: via https://www.instagram.com/rainbowshops/

Hat: Forever 21

Sunnies: via https://www.instagram.com/sunglassup_/ 

Photography by: https://www.instagram.com/photobylesnolie/